2006 Maryland Elections

Monday, October 02, 2006

Martin O'Malley for Governor

The 2006 Maryland Elections have had many unexpected turns. First with the loss of Maryland legacy William Donald Schaefer and then with the embarassing machine malfunctions on election day in September. However, Marylanders are still eager to place their vote for their future leaders on November 7 to elect for the next term. At the forefront of this election are two candidates, both well qualified for the position, running for governor. Incumbent Robert Ehlrich and Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley will head off during the next few weeks to ensure their place as governor for the upcoming term. As a Maryland resident and registered voter, I have been following both candidates platforms very closely. Overall, I have been very impressed by Martin O'Malley and what he has brought to the city of Baltimore and so I am promoting him for the gubernatorial election.

There's no denying the issues the city of Baltimore faces. Whether it's the high murder rate, drug rate, or the fact that many have been leaving the city for the suburbs, it's evident that Baltimore needs some work (Martin O'Malley). This is exactly what voters were faced with in 1999 when electing a new mayor. Martin O'Malley pledged to clean the city up both economically and socially and that is exactly what he did. Having only served one term, Mayor O'Malley has reserved his place as a strong leader in Maryland.

As mayor, O'Malley has focused on making Baltimore a safer place to live. Poor neighborhoods have been addressed and cleaned up, Baltimore police have been cracking down on crime, especially murder, and BLIEVE signs can be seen all around the city promoting the city's comeback. There's no doubt the city has turned a corner. Overall, crime is down dramtically, leading the nation in violent crime reduction of 40%, and city schools have improved a significant amount with passing test scores (Martin O'Malley).

O'Malley has effectively laid out his plans if elected governor for the 2007-2011 term. His primary concerns focus on keeping Maryland safe by cracking down on violent crime, establishing a firm juvenile justice system, fighting gang violence, and securing stricter penalties for parole violators (Martin O'Malley). He also hopes to improve family life in Maryland by enforcing strict environmental laws, improving the education system, and to provide health care to Maryland families (Martin O'Malley). These accomplishments would meet the demands of Maryland citizens and allow for the state to prosper.

As a follower of O'Malley's career and accomplishments, I wish him the best for the upcoming weeks and the election in November. I can think of no other person more qualified for the position to lead Maryland.

Maryland Democratic Party. Candidate for Governor, Maryland.

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